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Organizational Structure of National School of Clerks

Considering its functional departments, The National School of Clerks has in its structure the following components:

  • Initial Training Department, responsible for recruiting and initial training of the clerks;
  • Continuous Training Department, responsible for ensuring the continuous training of the auxiliary personnel from the Courts and Prosecutor’s Offices;
  • Training of Trainers Department, responsible for recruiting, training and evaluating the School’s training personnel;
  • International Relations Department, responsible for initiating and implementing the international programs of the School;
  • Economic Financial and Administrative Department, responsible for providing the financial and logistical support necessary to carry out the activity of the other departments of the School and which, in turn, comprises:
    • The Financial Accounting Department;
    • The Procurement Department;
    • The Human Resources, Documentation and Professional Improvement Office;
    • The Secretariat, Protocol and Administrative Department.

The management of The National School of Clerks is provided by its governing bodies, represented by:

  • The Governing Council, consisting of 9 members (a judge and a prosecutor appointed by the Superior Council of Magistracy, 2 elected representatives of the school’s training personnel, the director of The National Institute of Magistracy, a representative of the Human Resources and Organization Directorate within the Superior Council of Magistracy, 2 elected representatives of the students and the director of the School), which ensures the general and strategic management of the School;
  • The Pedagogical Council, consisting of the director, the deputy directors and the trainers within the initial training department, which represents an advisory body of the School’s Board of Directors;
  • The Director, who ensures the current management of the School;
  • The Deputy directors, who coordinate the activity of the initial and continuous professional training departments;
  • The economic director, who ensures the management of the Economic Financial and Administrative Department.

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