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Proiectul JCI – prezentare în limba engleză

Throughout 2018, The National School of Clerks continued to implement the project “European judicial training for Court staff and bailiffs. Promoting and supporting the European cross-border cooperation – EJT” (Grant Agreement 763862-EJT-JUST-AG2016/JUST-AG-2016-4), co-financed by the Justice program of the European Union.

The School participates as a partner in the project, within a consortium of judicial training institutions from France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg, coordinated by Justice Cooperation International (JCI).

Within the project, throughout the year, three training modules for trainers were organized, in the field of international judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters (Luxembourg, 21st – 22nd of March 2018), judicial cooperation between EU states in family law cases field (Luxembourg, 5th -7th of June 2018), and in the international judicial cooperation in criminal matters field respectively (Luxembourg, 26th -27th of September 2018). 13 Romanian clerks, who are part of the network of trainers of The National School of Clerks attended these training modules.

On another level of the project, a training seminar in the legal English and e-justice instruments field was organized in Luxembourg, between the 27th of February and the 1st of March 2018, where four Romanian clerks have attended, as well as workshops in the field of judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters, and in the field of of judicial cooperation in criminal matters respectively (Dijon, 28th -30th of March 2018, respectively Madrid, 21st -23rd of May 2018), each attended by a group of 5 Romanian clerks. In its turn, The National School of Clerks organized between the 14th and the 16th of May 2018, at its headquarters in Bucharest, a workshop in the field of judicial cooperation in family law disputes, attended by 5 Romanian clerks and 15 clerks from other states participating in the project, thus, facilitating the exchange of good practices, increasing mutual trust and identifying ways to streamline communication in judicial cooperation field and creating the premises for an adequate use of the working tools made available by the European Union law.

On the 19th of December 2018 the third steering committee within the project took place at the headquarters of The National School of Clerks in Bucharest. The meeting was attended personally or by teleconference, by representatives of the training institutions members of the consortium. During the meeting, the progress made on another significant level of the project was discussed, namely the development of eLearning activities through the EJL platform, by including video tutorials targeting the relevant legal and linguistic aspects from the perspective of achieving the project objectives.

 The final conference of the project was held in Belgium, at the headquarters of the Institute of Judicial Training on 54 Louise Avenue, Brussels on the 22nd of February 2019, attended by a delegation from The National School of Clerks, including the International Relations Department director and personnel. One of the most important conclusions of the final conference was that, besides the opportunity to highlight the indisputable contribution of the project to the improvement of the legal technique in the field of international cooperation and to the consolidation of knowledge in the legal terminology in English for the Courts’ personnel and bailiffs, results which are continued by granting the possibility of accessing the European eLearning platform, constantly updated by the publication of new modules regarding European regulations, the project was an opportunity to materialize the common interests and to strengthen the cooperation between the training providers, through the future inclusion of these categories of practitioners in the Judicial Training Network (EJTN).

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